Hello! Thanks for visiting my website!
I'm Jose Santana Firpo but my friends say me "XL" because I'm tall,
born in Dominican Republic with a lot love for the art in special for the illustration. 
I work in different techniques and styles, being caricatures and vector Illustration 
my areas with greater strength. In this website you will find the most fun and important projects in which you worked.
Before working with the illustration, I started my career as a graphic designer, 
working for graphic design industry in Dominican republic 
(Flexography, Newspapers, Screen printer, Agencies..etc)
Some years later, I started working as a graphic design instructor
at a major university in the Dominican Republic
With more than 15 years of professional experience in the graphic design industry,
I was able to understand, improve and contribute to more projects
in which my illustration work was needed.
Then, in 2014, I finally jumped into the world of illustrations,
starting my career as a freelance illustrator. 
My first works were related to caricatures, character creation and mural design. 
Later, my illustrations were required for advertising, t-shirt design, packaging
and website projects.
Since of 2017 I developing my personal project in Boston, MA.
ISCA member since 2019
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